Essential Guitar Care Tips

Some maintenance tasks and simple care is needed to be performed for keeping the value and the sound of the guitar great, and for keeping it in top condition. Being a sensitive musical instrument, the following simple steps are needed to be followed for the guitar to perform well.

Temperature to be Checked

A range of high and low temperature can be tolerated by the guitar, but problem can be caused by any swift change in the guitar’s temperature, such as – a body crack. A radiator should not be kept beside a guitar, or the guitar should not be kept at your car’s backside, especially in the sunny days. Temperature change can also be controlled by using the guitar case for keeping it inside, by which more protection can be ensured.


Essential Guitar Care Tips

Avoid Guitar’s Drying Out

Another harmful matter for guitar is lost of its humidity, especially in case of acoustic guitars. Split tops, fret boards’ cracking etc can be caused by low humidity. The guitar can also be used in this case of protecting your guitar from losing its humidity. In case of issues related to any sort of humidity lost, a humidifier’s use is recommended. For avoiding the drying out of the guitar and the maintenance of a suitable level, the sound hole is placed with the humidifiers. Winter can be a crucial season in this case, as at this time the house’s atmosphere is usually dried out by the heating system.

Guitar Storing

As mentioned earlier, humidity and temperature changes can be protected by keeping the guitar into its case when it is not used. Moreover, knocks and dust can also be avoided by keeping the guitar into its case. Knocks can be better protected by a body case which is solid. Another alternative for this is buying a stand or rack.

The strings of the guitar should be loosened if not used more than a month. It is because the body and neck of the guitar may require strong force from the strings when tuned. This may result in bending the shape or warping with the passing of time. In this case strings’ loosening is needed for avoiding such occurrences. Since retuning is much better than letting the guitar being damaged.

Clean up

Your hands must be clean before you start cleaning your guitar. If there is any deposition of chemicals or sweat from your fingers, then it may affect the strings’ life. It is also better to trim your nails smaller for avoid any breakage of the nails or unnecessary fret board’s wear. Strings of the guitar are needed to be cleaned with soft cloth after each use. Both the tune of the guitar and its playing life can be extended by cleaning up the guitar regularly.

Moreover, fret boards should also be cleaned when you’ll get the strings changed. The fret board may occur much grubby and this usually decreases the strings’ useful life. A wet paper towel should be used for wiping off the dirt from the fret board, but the paper towel should not be as wet as to wet the fret board. After the wet paper towel, a dry paper towel is to be used to wipe the fret board.

Only a soft cloth can keep the modern guitars clean for their body being quite durable. If polishing is necessary, it must be completed by only a guitar polish specialist. Because of the possessing of some abrasives in the ordinary polishes for furnitures, a guitar polish specialist should be approached. The ordinary polishes for furnitures can alter and harden the guitar’s tone with the period of time if polished frequently.

Old Strings’ Changing

The replacing time of the strings is signaled by the dull sound and strange sounds occurring from the guitar. Either an amateur or a professional, if you are using your guitar more often, two weeks should be the approximate time length for changing the strings. For more relaxed use, 2-3 months of time period is okay for changing the strings. Each and every string is to be changed at the same time. It is because the lifetime of the string same depending on their use, and moreover, if you don’t do so, changing one string at a time can be frustrating and cause problems in the tuning too.

However, a tuneful as well as long association with your guitar can be enjoyed by you if you can follow the above mentioned basic tips accordingly.